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Green Goodness Miso Noodles With Baked Crispy Salt & Pepper Salmon

30 minutes
30 minutes

Breaking up the veganuary content for some tender, juicy, succulent salmon with the most deeeeelicious green miso sauce made with am absolute MOUNTAIN of green goodness.

Got some miso paste in the back of the fridge and don’t know what to do with it???  This is your answer guys… Also the best way to eat an absolute TON of greens… this sauce is bursting with umami, insanely delicious with such a vibrant freshness… everyone will be licking their plates clean!

The most scrummy, stress free, make-ahead meal… you can make the green miso sauce a day ahead and just pour it over the noodles once they are cooked, the sauce freezes beautifully too so try making a double batch as the family will be begging you to make it again and again.

Seriously soooo easy to make and so insanely delicious… A mixture of any greens you want… I used kale, spring greens and spinach which I blanched in boiling water then just chopped up and blitzed in the food processor together with white miso, ginger, garlic, red onion, coriander, peanut butter, soya sauce, palm sugar, sesame oil and green chillis… what a heavenly combo!

I served it up with some crispy skinned, buttery, juicy and gloriously flavourful salmon thanks to a light dusting of salt & pepper seasoning from @pureetyathome before just grilling in the oven.

Believe me guys… don’t miss this one… it’s guaranteed to be your new favourite weeknight meal!!


  1. Steam or blanch the spinach for 2 minutes until soft, drain then squeeze out the water, set aside to cool
  2. Steam or blanch the spring greens and kale for 8-10 minutes until soft, drain then squeeze out the water, set aside to cool
  3. Transfer the greens to a food processor and blitz to a thick paste
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients, except the noodles and blitz until well combined
  5. Cook the noodles according to the packet instructions, drain in a colander reserving quite a bit of the pasta cooking water
  6. Transfer the noodles back to the same pan on a low heat and add the green miso sauce as well as a little pasta water, mix well
  7. Keep adding more pasta water until you reach your desired consistency
  8. Serve hot and enjoy!


  1. Pre-heat your oven grill or broiler
  2. Place the salmon fillets in an oven proof dish, skin side up, drizzle with olive oil and season with the Pureety Spicy salt & pepper mix
  3. Rub the fillets all over with the oil and seasoning so the entire piece is nicely seasoned
  4. Place in the oven under the grill on the middle shelf until the skin is crispy and the salmon is cooked to your liking