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Char Grilled Okra Skewers

20 minutes
20 minutes

Saying goodbye to deep fried and calorific okra, or even worse slimy okra. This tangy char grilled 4 ingredient version is so simple and makes such a delicious addition to any meal, I know it will even convert you non okra lovers and bonus it is vegan too.  

We had these as an appetiser before dinner, even the kiddos gobbled them up, I was amazed at how fast the entire plate disappeared… the squeeze of lemon at the end sets the spices off beautifully… I know once you try these you will wish you made a double batch!!

If you’ve never tried Chettinad masala spice, it’s sop worth giving it a try… A flavour bursting blend of coriander, chilli, cumin, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper cloves, star anise and kapok buds. Trust me... it will become a new staple in your larder once you try and is so versatile, it goes beautifully with all meats, fish and veggies!

  1. Heat a griddle pan or BBQ until hot
  2. Put the okra into a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with the Chettinad masala, sea salt and black pepper, rub the spice mix all over the okra so it is all fully coated
  3. Pierce the okra onto skewers, doubling the skewers up if necessary as the okra can be quite long
  4. Cook on the griddle pan or BBQ until cooked through and charred
  5. Enjoy hot with a squeeze of lemon and some freshly chopped coriander